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Dr. Brett Lux, DC is a Chiropractor in Kansas City

Hi, I’m Dr. Brett Joseph lux, a 28 years old chiropractor based in Kansas City, USA.

In 2018, I received my honors degree from the medical school department of Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri.

It is one of the top 4 universities for receiving an education in chiropractic care, and I was privileged enough to graduate from this prestigious institute to start my career in the field I’ve always been passionate about.

On the 20th of December 2019, I bid my farewell to the Chiropractor healing center in Kansas City and headed back to my hometown to my family in St. Louis with enough confidence in myself to start my own chiropractor clinic and serve the people of my own beloved city from where I discovered my own fervor for chiropractic care.

Two years of experience as a chiropractor in the medical field have made me realize the importance of my profession and how we can be helpful to the people in need of physical wellbeing.

Best Chiropractor In Kanas City, USA

Ensuring the optimistic functionality of someone’s body and relieving the muscular pains and joint aches doesn’t only bring peace to the patients but, as a doctor, fills me up with immense satisfaction too.

Seeing the faces of the people who come to me experiencing unbearable spinal and muscular pain and leaving with adjustments in their body with better nerve conductivity and increased blood flow is a sight that makes me feel worthy of my own self that I’m able to make an impact on people’s health for betterment.

Not being affiliated with any particular hospital has only expanded my horizon to the possibilities that my field has to offer, and working individually under the cooperation of top-class specialists and doctors has provided me a great exposure as a chiropractor and a person.

Can Chiropractors help with back pain?

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at Kansas Palliative & Hospice Care.

Helping people to get on with their lives by providing professional chiropractic treatment after severe neck and spinal injuries and talking to them about their experiences and traumas it caused is a part of my job where I thrive the most, connecting with my patients during the whole process only urges me to work more efficiently.

The sense of relief I experience after any patient of mine gets better due to my provided treatment is what keeps me going on and on to help more and more people and make the world a healthier place for all to live.

My motto is to provide first-class physical treatment for the people who are in pain, and this is the foundation on which I’ve started my clinic to deliver excellent care that will help the sufferers with intense pain to only get better with each visit in a healthy and positive environment. A place that offers specialized care for all your physical discomforts.

Brett Lux, Chiropractor Doctor in Kansas City, KS

To get in touch with me for further information, advice, or to book an appointment, feel free to visit:

Address: 8437 State Ave Ste. A Kansas City, KS 66112

Or call:

 Contact: (913) 299-0276

Fax: (913) 299-3775

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