Testogen Review: All You Need to Know About Testogen

Boost Your Testosterones Levels and Get Those Muscles Building Again

Do you have a problem gaining muscles? Or having a low sex drive, constant depression, and irritability? Usually, when men start to grow older, they realize that their performance in the gym and life, in general, is faltering.

Men produce fewer testosterones as they begin to age, which results in a lot of negative effects such as lower energy levels, increased fat, lower muscle mass, and a decreased sex drive. It affects their life a lot, and they lose motivation in making any more progress. If you are a man experiencing the same problems, then worry no more!

Luckily, there are testosterone supplements that can be your savior. One of the most effective testosterone supplements is Testogen.

If you want to know more about this testosterone supplement, then you are in the right place.

We are here with a detailed guide that has all the info you need to know about Testogen. Keep on reading!

In this detailed guide, we will be talking about:

  • What is Testogen?
  • How Does Testogen Work?
  • How to Use Testogen?
  • Pros and Cons of Testogen?
  • Where to Buy Testogen?
  • Who Can Use Testogen?
  • What Ingredients Does Testogen Have?
  • Is Testogen Safe to Use?
  • What Are the Side Effects of Testogen Use?

#1 What Is Testogen?

Testogen is a testosterone booster specifically made for men, which claims that it can boost testosterone levels.

Testogen increases the production of the male hormone, testosterone. They also help get the most out of the workouts, helps gain muscles, boost energy levels, and last but not least, increases your sex drive.

These are a few of the most notable changes the testosterone supplement brings a man’s body, but there are many more advantages of using it.

#2 How Does Testogen Work?

Before we start talking about how Testogen works, we should first discuss what testosterones do in our bodies.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays several important roles in a man’s or a woman’s body.

This sex hormone is naturally produced in the gonads of one’s body, which is testes for men and ovaries for women.

It is specifically produced in a structure called the Leydig cells, in small quantities by the adrenal glands.

It is proven that men make 20 times more testosterone than women, although it requires both the sexes to have a delicate balance of hormones in their systems.

Now that we know how testosterones work in our bodies, we can now easily answer the question: How Does Testogen Work?

You must think that Testogen is filled with testosterone itself, and when you consume it, it provides your body with the very needed testosterones. But this is not the case.

Instead, Testogen contains a healthy blend of ingredients that are designed specially to increase testosterone production naturally.

The combination of 11 active ingredients helps improve your mood, focusing ability, and vitality soon after the use. The stamina and lean muscles are also increased within a month with a proper workout regimen.

Consuming Testogen is a better option because taking raw testosterone can cause many nasty side effects such as oily skin, acne, decreased testicle size, and prostate swelling.

Testogen and high blood pressure can never be spotted in the same situation.

The natural ingredients used in making Testogen are thoroughly tested to make it safer for everyone to use. Many testimonials have stated that Testogen gave satisfying results within a week while living up to the hype.

#3 How to Use Testogen?

Now that we know how Testogen works inside our body, it is time that we learn how to use it.

The recommended dosage by professionals is pretty easy to follow. You must take four capsules with water every day.

Take the dosage twenty minutes before breakfast to increase the testosterone levels.

Continue this schedule for two months, and they give a 10-day gap so that it doesn’t become a habit. The gap is needed so that your body doesn’t slow down and give satisfactory results.

When you start this dosage cycle again, the supplements will work and show faster results.

Repeat this cycle until you get the desired results. If not this, you can always consult a doctor or a dietitian to get a dosage cycle that suits your health more.

#4 What Are the Pros of Using Testogen?

Following are the Testogen benefits, daily with a proper dosage cycle:

  • It improves the stamina, strength, and vitality of the user.
  • It also helps improve your mood, focus better, and concentrate longer.
  • It builds up lean muscles and helps gain an athletic body with a good workout regimen.
  • It supports weight loss and fat burning to get a chiseled and lean body.
  • It increases the libido, strengthens the sex drive, and help last longer.
#5 What Are the Cons of Using Testogen?

There aren’t many disadvantages of using Testogen, but there are two things that you must know about before use or purchase.

  • Testogen is a little pricey compared to the other testosterone booster supplements. But the quality is even better, so the quality makes up for the high prices.
  • The authentic version is only available on their official website. The rest have a high chance of being fake or fraud.
  • If taken in an excessive amount, it can cause many side effects to appear, so it is better to follow the recommended dosage cycle or consult a doctor before use.

#6 Where to Buy Testogen?

Authentic Testogen is available on their official website, which may seem a little pricey, but the quantity and results are satisfying enough to cover up the costs. It is suggested that you buy from the website to prevent any fraud.

The best website sells the wrong product at affordable prices in the name of a sale. It can be very harmful to you to use the incorrect product, so get your hands on the right Testogen testosterone booster supplements from the original website.

Keep yourself and your money safe.

Or, you can get your hands on Testogen at a reasonable price from Amazon or Walmart, as authentic products are supplied in these specific stores.

#7 Who Can Use Testogen?

Dietitians and testimonials have stated that you consume the supplements only if your age is above 18.

Use if needed; excessive usage can cause a lot of damage to your body. If there are no signs of depression, lack of muscle gain, a low sex drive, or irritability, then it is advised that you don’t use the product.

If you are undergoing any treatments, taking other supplements, or using medications, then it is recommended that you consult with your dietitian or doctor before use.

#8 What Ingredients Does Testogen Have?

The main Testogen ingredients are as followed:

D-Aspartic Acid:

D-Aspartic Acid is one of the essential ingredients in the making of a Testogen. While enhancing athletic performance and reducing any signs of fatigue, it is proven beneficial for muscle building and an increase in lean muscle mass. Studies have shown that it is advantageous when it comes to testosterone production, thereby, better results. [1]


Magnesium also maintains good health and strength of the bones. It amplifies the performance of the biochemical reactions in the body and the proper functioning of the body. It increases the production of testosterone by 26% in the body.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is perfect for maintaining the health of bones and teeth. It also strengthens the health of the brain and the immune system. A good amount of Vitamin D is essential to keep up the testosterone levels of the body. It slows down the breakdown of testosterone into the estrogen.

Nettle Leaf Extract:

Nettle Leaf Extract is very effective in improving the sex drive and helps last longer. It also contributes to muscle building and leans muscle mass. Other than that, nettle leaf extract improves any sexual desire problem and results in better overall health. [2]

Korean Red Ginseng:

Korean Red Ginseng has been used in medicines for a long time and is proven to be quite effective. It improves brain health, moods, energy levels, and memory power. Researchers have also found that it helps in treating erectile dysfunction. KRG also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Fenugreek Extract:

Fenugreek extract is known to be very beneficial for one’s health. It regulates the glucose level in the blood and prevents any chances of diabetes. It also improves athletic performance and stimulates testosterone production too. Other than that, it is very advantageous for people who suffer from any sexual desire disorder; it helps them increase the sex drive and enhance sexual energy.

Vitamin K1:

Vitamin K1 is important to maintain the good health of the heart. Not only that, but it also makes your bones stronger and helps absorb vitamin D and thus, helping your body get the best out of all the vitamins you consume. It helps absorb the active ingredients in Testogen.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B Helps convert food into energy and increases the level of testosterone in the body. It also enhances the production of red blood cells in the body and the promotion of healthy mental and physical health. It gets rid of any symptoms of tiredness and irritability.


Zinc is useful in the production of DNA and protein as well as maintaining a healthy immune system. It refreshes the testosterone production and promotes the quality of healthy sperm. It also enhances the healing capacity. Many governmental studies state that the importance of zinc in boosting testosterone levels is quite high.


Boron is an essential mineral that contributes to maintaining bones’ health, which treats the problem of weakened bones that usually happens with age and time. It also promotes muscle building and stimulating testosterone levels. [3]


Bioperine is a substance derived from black pepper, which helps improve the effectiveness of the Testogen by helping it absorb the active ingredients and give out their best qualities.

Other Ingredients:

Testogen contains a few other ingredients such as gelatin, magnesium stearate, and maltodextrin, but they are all just inactive ingredients for taste, consistency, and bulk. Gelatin especially acts as a matrix that helps suspend the other ingredients to consume Testogen in capsule form.

#9 Is Testogen Safe to Use?

You must be wondering, Is Testogen a good product?

The testosterone boosting supplement is completely safe to use as natural herbal extracts, and health-friendly products make it.

The ingredients used to make this supplement have been used in Asian medicines for years and are completely harmless.

The product does not contain any harmful chemicals or steroids to boost your system. Companies that manufacture Testogen perform a regular clinical checkup to ensure the safety of the product.

Make sure that you don’t consume them in a large number or make it a habit. If you want good results, you must follow a proper dosage cycle.

All in all, Testogen is safe for use and is trusted by many consumers worldwide.

#10 Are There Any Side Effects of Testogen Use?

Various testimonials have reported that they have not experienced any Testogen side effects when using Testogen.

While no side effects were reported, some users stated that they experienced mild headaches initially, but it got better after some time of use.

We hope that this Testogen review helped you understand more about the testosterone booster supplement so that you can easily use it in the future.

You can get your hands on Testogen on Amazon or the official website.

You can even get Testogen booster drops online so you can easily carry it around when on the go.

Consume the supplements by the suggested dosage cycle to get the most satisfying results.

Grab your pack now before they go out of stock!

By Dr. Brett Lux, DC

Dr. Brett Lux, DC is a Chiropractor in Kansas City, KS and has over 2 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Kentucky University / Medical Department medical school in 2018. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lux to book an appointment.

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