PhenQ Review: Does it Really Work? – 2021 Updated

We so frequently hear about a new weight loss supplement hitting the market that will create waves. All these supplements are marketed as the best and most effective remedy for weight loss.

Yet, few manage to live up to the hype and soon fade into oblivion. Is PhenQ one of them?

People seem to have lost faith in these dietary supplements owing to frequent scams and tall claims that fail to deliver. But PhenQ dietary pill is one supplement that has managed to generate quite a buzz.

The question is, is it worth the hype? Can it provide you with the results you are looking for?

People struggling to lose weight are always on the lookout for assistance that would speed up the process. Thus, it’s hardly surprising to find them browsing through the various PhenQ reviews to see if it is indeed legit.

If you are unsure about PhenQ results and are apprehensive about its potential side effects, you have landed at the right place.

Don’t worry about finding PhenQ reviews anymore.

We will tell you everything there is to know about PhenQ dietary pills. You can then make up your mind, whether it is the dietary supplement you need.

What Is PhenQ?

Is PhenQ a fat burner? How does it speed up weight loss? These questions might be swirling in your mind. Before moving ahead, let’s shed some light on what PhenQ exactly is.

PhenQ is a dietary supplement that burns fat and speeds up metabolic processes in the body.

According to the manufacturers, the PhenQ dietary pills are equivalent to five different medications, and the PhenQ results aren’t comparable to anything else available on the market.

As per the official website, here’s what you can expect with PhenQ results.

  • Reduce the fat stored in the body
  • Suppress appetite
  • Prevent the production of more stored fat in the body
  • Boost energy levels
  • Makes one more motivated with elevated mental focus

These are tall claims indeed. Can PhenQ really fulfill all the expectations?

That’s what PhenQ reviews are here for, so you can find out if the product delivers what it claims.

What ingredients does PhenQ comprise?

Before we elaborate on the active ingredients of PhenQ dietary pills, one point deserves a mention.

Wolfson Berg Limited is the company behind the manufacture and distribution of PhenQ. The brand doesn’t really need any introduction, as it is considered a pioneer in far burner production for over a decade.

So you can rest easy knowing that the PhenQ manufacturers are not shady or unheard of that would place your health in jeopardy.

The manufacturers deserve praise for being open about the active ingredients of PhenQ on their website.

They haven’t attempted to hide any component in the garb of fancy terminologies. You know precisely what you are consuming with PhenQ.

If PhenQ safety is a concern, you will be safe to know that comprises all-natural ingredients.

All PhenQ reviews mention the a-Lacys Reset formula used in PhenQ. What is it?

Without further delay, let’s find out what elements form part of PhenQ and their roles.

  1. Capsicum Blend

The dietary supplement is made from a blend of capsicum and piperine derived from black pepper. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that the pill would be spicy. [1]

The pepper extracts assist in weight loss by increasing your core body temperature. This leads to the burning of more calories. Most weight loss pills comprise thermogenic ingredients, and PhenQ is no different in this regard.

But the trick is to get the right amount of thermogenic ingredient in the pill, which is where PhenQ scores. It contains around 50mg of the capsicum blend. This is roughly the concentration required for optimal thermogenesis.

  1. Chromium Picolinate

This is an essential mineral that is related to the maintenance of blood sugar levels in the body. You won’t crave carbs and sugars if the balance is optimally maintained.

Chromium picolinate ensures that your desire to binge on treats does not test your motivation to lose weight.

  1. Caffeine

PhenQ ingredients also include caffeine anhydrous. We don’t need to explain how coffee boosts energy levels and concentration. But few people are aware that caffeine can be of immense help in speeding up metabolism.

It reduces your appetite, thereby ensuring that your resolve to follow a strict diet doesn’t weaken. PhenQ dietary pills contain about 140mg of caffeine. [2]

  1. Nopal

This fiber is derived from a cactus plant that works as an appetite suppressant by filling your stomach. The fiber passes through the digestive system undeterred. Thus, it doesn’t contribute to your caloric intake.

  1. L Carnitine

This one is an essential amino acid that assists in the transportation of fatty acids to the muscles. The fat is then used as a source of energy, thereby enabling you to lose weight.

This is why amino acids are among the most commonly used ingredients of dietary supplements.

PhenQ makes full use of incorporating L-carnitine. [3]

The amino acid doesn’t have any known side effects, either. So you can consume it without worrying about harming your health in any way.

Does PhenQ Work?

At the end of the day, this is what you want to find out with all the PhenQ reviews.

So let’s get to the point.

Firstly, be clear that you can’t expect magic with this weight loss pill. You can’t throw every other weight loss guideline and expect PhenQ to provide you with the desired results.

PhenQ is meant to be used alongside a healthy diet and good training. Come up with an effective weight loss plan, focusing on reduced caloric intake and ample exercise.

PhenQ taken with such a plan will surely speed up your weight loss while also boosting your energy.

The best thing is that the manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee. Therefore, if the PhenQ weight loss pill doesn’t yield the desired results, you can get your money back.

The benefits offered by PhenQ

Why should you consider PhenQ to be a trusted ally in your war against excessive weight?

How can it make your journey easier? To understand this, you need to know more about the benefits offered by the supplement.

Let’s dig into it.

  • Melt the fat away

The natural ingredients of this dietary pill help melt the flab away. It comprises a combination of caffeine and black pepper extract. Together, they offer impressive thermogenic effects that burn your fat at a must faster rate.

Your core body temperature is increased, leading to your body to burn more energy. If used alongside daily exercise routines, this supplement can indeed make quite a difference.

  • Prevents fat storage

If your body has become accustomed to the sedentary lifestyle for long, it uses excess carbs and sugars. This caloric intake is transformed into fat and stored in the body.

The fat continues to accumulate, leading to significant weight gain. When you start getting serious about losing this weight, you realize that body metabolism needs some time to adapt to this change.

PhenQ ensures that the stored fat in your body is burned at a faster rate. At the same time, it also prevents the production of fat for storage.

  • Suppress appetite

Hunger pangs and cravings are easily your biggest enemies when you are trying to lose weight. They test your inner strength like nothing else. It isn’t unheard of for people to succumb to temptations.

But PhenQ is something that can prevent you from weakening in your resolve to lose weight. The fiber in the supplement fills you up, ensuring that you don’t feel hungry. At the same time, it balances your sugar levels, keeping the cravings for sugars and carbs in check.

Since your body continues to get its desired supply of glucose, it doesn’t trigger hunger signals. PhenQ works quite well as an appetite suppressant and ensures that you lose weight at a faster rate.

  • A boost to mental and physical stamina

Caffeine is known to give a mental boost. PhenQ causes the fat burn. The energy subsequently released enables you to carry on with your work with more zeal.

You will feel a significant increase in your energy levels after the intake of PhenQ. This isn’t all. It enhances your focus, as well. Thus, your productivity at work will increase by many folds due to PhenQ consumption.

What Are The Side Effects Of PhenQ?

No drug has yet been developed that is entirely devoid of any potential side effects. Any supplement or drug claiming to have no side effects is basically a lie.

PhenQ too has its set of side effects that one needs to be wary of.

But the good thing is that the good things outweigh the cons. The most significant PhenQ benefit is that it is manufactured from only natural ingredients. Therefore, safety isn’t something you need to be worried about as a whole.

There have been a couple of allergic reactions, but that really can’t be attributed to the supplement or its manufacture.

If you take more than the recommended dose, you might experience symptoms like insomnia and jitters for a short while.

Some people also experience stomachache and abdominal disturbance, but it’s nothing too serious.

It is advisable for people to get tested for allergies from the ingredients of PhenQ before using the pill. This can protect them from potential harm.

How should PhenQ be taken?

The ideal time to take PhenQ is with breakfast in the morning.

This allows you to reap the benefits of the supplement throughout the day.

The energy boost and enhanced mental focus will help you in your work and enable you to carry out your activities with zeal and enthusiasm.

If PhenQ is the first dietary supplement you are trying, it is advisable to take it with food.

This is because there is always a chance that you are sensitive to the formula. The food will minimize the risk of potential side effects. Once you start to feel the difference, you can experiment and find out which time suits you best.

Indeed, some people even take it right before their workout to use the energy boost. It is best to avoid taking it late in the evening, though.

This is because the pills can be detrimental to your sleep pattern. You wouldn’t want your sleep to be disrupted. After all, quality sleep is just as pivotal for your overall health.

It is recommended to take two PhenQ pills in a day.

You can take one with your breakfast and the other one with lunch. As we mentioned before, take the second pill before 3 pm to prevent caffeine from keeping you awake all night.

Don’t get carried away and exceed the recommended dosage. Two pills daily are more than enough to get the results you are looking for. This dose will ensure that you get the assistance in weight loss that you need with minimal risk of side effects.

Taking more pills will increase the risk of side effects. This supplement should be used daily for up to two months.

This will provide you with maximum benefits. You have to continue using the pill until you get to your desired weight.

The duration for which you have to continue using PhenQ depends on how much weight you want to lose.

If you have more excess fat to get rid of, you will have to keep taking PhenQ for longer. Luckily, it’s a safe supplement, so using it daily for a prolonged duration shouldn’t be a problem.

You can continue taking the supplement even after you have lost all the weight you wanted. It would help in maintaining the new weight. Your diet and exercise routines, too, will benefit from it.

It is best to avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee when you are taking PhenQ.

The pill already contains caffeine. You might face side effects due to an overdose of caffeine if you take beverages alongside too.

Who should use PhenQ?

Who is PhenQ made for? Who will find PhenQ to be of most use? Practically everyone willing to lose weight!

Firstly, the formulation isn’t too strong. So women and men don’t have to take different doses of the pill.

However, talk to your doctor about the medicine interfering with any other medications that you might be on. Here are the people who should consider using PhenQ;

  • People with fitness goals

There are very few people who can claim to be completely happy with their weight. Most people are always looking for ways to shed those few extra pounds.

Some people have to take weight loss seriously due to their obesity, while others mainly do it to stay fit and healthy.

PhenQ can be of immense help to all those who don’t get much time to exercise. If you already have the right diet in mind that limits your caloric intake, PhenQ can help you lose weight within a short span.

  • Bodybuilders

Athletes and bodybuilders don’t really have to worry about weight loss. However, fat loss is of immense value for them when they are in their cutting down phase.

Those who want to acquire the best results from their training sessions can benefit significantly from PhenQ. It will speed up your progress and enhance productivity.

Who should avoid PhenQ?

Unfortunately, PhenQ isn’t really for everyone. Although it’s indeed safe, some people should refrain from using it.

Pregnant ladies and lactating mothers should stay away from this supplement.

Furthermore, those younger than 18 years shouldn’t use the pill either.

In case you are on some medications, you have to confirm with your doctor about taking PhenQ. Possible drug interactions have to be ruled out.

The same process has to be followed if you have some underlying medical conditions. Avoid using PhenQ before consulting with your doctor.

How to get the best PhenQ results?

Merely taking these weight loss pills wouldn’t get you the results you are looking for. There is more that you will have to do to meet your weight loss goals.

Here are some tips that will ensure that PhenQ results don’t disappoint you.

  • Work on your diet

All your hard work will be futile if you aren’t careful about what you eat. Your weight loss journey significantly depends on the food you eat. Therefore, you might spend hours at the gym. But if you don’t fix your dietary habits, it wouldn’t help you much.

You can consult with a dietician to develop a proper diet plan that will limit the intake of sugar and carbs in your diet. The important thing is that you stick to a healthy diet if you really want to lose weight and want PhenQ to show its magic.

  • Daily exercise

Taking time out for daily workouts might be challenging with hectic schedules. But you can look for other alternatives. Try to be as active as possible and find out workout routines that you can perform at home daily.

It wouldn’t even take long. Half an hour of your day would get the job done. Being active will surely help with the effects of PhenQ pills.

  • Monitor your progress

Maintain a detailed record of everything you eat and all the activity that you do. Maintain a chart of your energy input and output.

This will tell you how well you are faring in your weight loss journey and motivate you to work harder. You will feel better about using PhenQ once you see a clear indication of its benefits.

How much does PhenQ cost?

Naturally, you would want to know whether it would put a strain on your budget. For one thing, PhenQ comes with a money-back guarantee, so that’s one stress off your shoulders.

Compared to other PhenQ alternatives, this weight loss pill is actually quite reasonably priced.

You can save quite a lot by ordering it in bulk. But perhaps you should start with a couple of bottles and see how things go before investing heavily in it.

Is PhenQ safe?

Indeed! It is made from all-natural ingredients. Therefore, it is not only safe but also legal. You don’t have to worry about the safety profile of this supplement.

From where should I buy PhenQ?

This is tricky. Buying PhenQ online can be a challenge since you aren’t sure of who the authentic dealers are.

Ensure that you read reviews of any online sites before making your purchase. This will protect you from potential frauds.

Should I buy PhenQ?

PhenQ indeed seems worth investing in for all those who want to lose weight at a faster rate. If you are looking for a safe option that will assist you in your weight loss journey, PhenQ can be a valuable ally.

It doesn’t have any dangerous side effects that will make you wary. You simply have to ensure that you combine its use with a strict diet and regular exercise, and you can acquire maximum benefits from it.

You will surely feel the difference shortly after you start using the PhenQ weight loss pill.

The change is apparent not only in your weight but also in your overall stamina and mental focus.

And if things don’t work out and you aren’t happy with the results, you can always use their money-back guarantee offer.

There really isn’t anything to lose. There is no harm in trying, after all. Just keep your expectations in check while using this supplement.

By Dr. Brett Lux, DC

Dr. Brett Lux, DC is a Chiropractor in Kansas City, KS and has over 2 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Kentucky University / Medical Department medical school in 2018. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lux to book an appointment.

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